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  • Introduction

    I am SKURO Kuromai Black Rice. Move aside açaí, there’s a new antioxidant in town.


  • Curator's Notes 


    I eat rice almost everyday so quality rice is important to me and I like knowing where my rice is from. It took me a really long time to taste the difference in rice grains from different regions but just like with coffee and many things, one type of rice is not the same as another. 

    Kuromai Black Rice is also known as purple rice or ‘forbidden rice’. It is coveted in Japan and in high demand for it’s incredible health benefits. Some say the outer shell of black rice, the layer that contains many of the nutritional benefits, has one of the highest amounts of antioxidants found in food… so yes, move aside açaí. It is also high in vitamin E and is a good source of iron. Yoshiki Tsukamoto of SKLO - who also designs light bulbs and has a love of antiques, go figure - owns a small family-run rice farm and produces this particular type of rice under the name SKURO. The farm uses no agricultural chemicals and only organic fertilizer. I tried all their varieties and it’s super safe to say that if there were such an award, SKURO rice would win grain of the year in my books. 

    If you want to take it all the way with fancy rice, try adding one teaspoon of ‘Kuromai Black Rice’ to every 200g of ‘Koshihikari White Rice’. This will turn your rice pale purple (and extra festive!) - usually reserved for special celebrations in Japan.


    SKURO Kuromai Black Rice was curated by Angélique Chmielewski


  • Designer/Maker 


    Maker: Sklo



  • Specifications



    2.1” (w) x 3.8” (l) x 5.9” (h) or 53mm (w) x 97mm (l) x 150mm (h)



    12 oz or 200 g



    100% Rice


  • Details
    • Produced on a farm outside of Kanazawa, Japan
    • Black rice grains of the ‘Kuromai’ variety
    • Kuromai black rice is somewhat sticky
    • Each bag contains 200g of rice grains

    • Approximately 1 cup
    • The packet contains a red chili used to protect the rice from small insects
    • Do not use this red chili pepper when cooking the rice, but it can be used for other cooking

    • Made on a small family-run farm
    • No agricultural chemicals

    • Only organic fertilizer used during farming

    • Soak brown rice for at least 60 minutes prior to cooking

    • Cook black rice with water at a 1:2 ratio for best results
    • Cook as you normally would cook white rice in either a rice cooker or stovetop

    • Can be used for porridges, specialty desserts or as a side to a variety of dishes

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